18 sxxx xxxxxxxxx

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18 sxxx xxxxxxxxx

nid=9.07&cid=63&next_nid=9.08&ctry=Hong Kong ================================ Hungary International 36 (XX) XXXXX Local 06 (XX) XXXXX (cell phone prefix) nid=9.07&cid=64&next_nid=9.08&ctry=Hungary ================================ India International 91 (XXXX) XXXXXX Local 0 (XXXX) XXXXXX (cell phone prefix) This code has to be dialled when calling numbers outside the United States's country code zone. This code has to be dialled to reach any number in Austria. (1 )1 is the area code of subscriber numbers in Wien.Other area codes can be found in the area codes lists. X is the subscriber number, which has to be dialled in order to reach the phone you are trying to call. page=plans&sub=imsinr Select the country of which you want to see the national numbering plan for mobile country and network codes.For example, here's from the US, TO Austria: Dialing sequence: 011-43-1-XXX(XXXXXXXXX) The dialling sequence shown above is only an example.The different parts of the phone number, seperated by hyphens, are explained below: 011 is the international access code.We need the mobile phone number formats for the following countries.Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Phillipines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom. For example, local numbers can/cannot be dialled with a '1' and must be 10 digits.

Check out this database, It has two very useful features that I think deliver what you are asking for.nid=9.07&cid=52&next_nid=9.08&ctry=France ================================ Germany International 49 (XXX) XXXXXXX 49 (XXX) XXXXXXXX Local 0 (XXX) XXXXXXX 0 (XXX) XXXXXXXX (cell phone prefix) nid=9.07&cid=56&next_nid=9.08&ctry=Germany ================================ Hong Kong International 852 (XX) XXXXXX 852 (XXX) XXXX Local (XX) XXXXXX (XXX) XXXX (cell phone prefix) Rainbow~After a preliminary search, I have found quite a few obstacles in answering your question.For instance, looking through my phonebook of people I have cell phone numbers for in the UK, I have found there to be many different cell phone dialing codes.

18 sxxx xxxxxxxxx-3418 sxxx xxxxxxxxx-5218 sxxx xxxxxxxxx-86

Tell me if this is what you need: 1) HOW MANY NUMBERS TO DIAL and WHAT THEY ARE International dialing instructions

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