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Unfortunately, many daters go out with each other for weeks or months without learning very much about their feelings, how each other thinks, what they value, how they approach life, and what gives their lives meaning. Each person shares a problem with the other and asks for advice on how to handle it – a good way to help each other feel valued. There's no reason why you can't combine fun activities with serious conversation on the same date. Use all of your senses to concentrate on the experience, the conversation, what you're doing together.Then, each asks the other to reflect back on how the speaker seems to be feeling about the problem, which encourages the couple to tune into each other's emotions. Aron's 36 questions on one date might jump-start the process of building emotional intimacy, we think it's a better idea to space them out over a period of time. Stick with the first group of questions during your first few dates, and gradually move on to each of the next groupings as you feel more comfortable with each other. Some of the things you do together should be interactive – a board game, athletic activity, or even shopping together lets you experience different sides of each other's personalities. That helps make the date more enjoyable and allows a connection to develop naturally. You need time to "process" your experiences and feelings, and that often takes place as you go through the routines of your life.Many singles have a misperception about the importance of a "Dating-for-Marriage Progression." The progression goes something like this: meet someone, begin dating, decide to become boyfriend/girlfriend, spend lots of time together testing compatibility, and within 1-3 years decide whether to get married.The reality is that while many married couples did go through this progression (because it's the norm in today's dating world), it is not necessary.And more often than not, it is detrimental to reaching the goal of marriage!Assuming that "having a boyfriend" means you are one step closer to marriage is a dangerous belief.And love, the emotion that Catron hoped to be able to create, depends on a lot more than emotional intimacy. Think of a few new things you'd like to learn about each other and bring them up as topics of conversation or questions to ask your dating partner. These steps can help propel your budding relationship forward.How can you use these questions to help you build a connection with someone you're dating? Questions for Rosie & Sherry can be sent to [email protected]

He is a founder of Speed Dating and Jewish Impact Films, and is presently the Managing Director for the Jewish Enrichment Center in Manhattan.

Most people feel more comfortable gradually getting to know each other and slowly increasing their sense of trust so that they can reveal more of their vulnerabilities. Aron's list to share your ideas, attitudes, values, and sensitivities with each other. When you're present, it's easier to resist the counterproductive urge to conduct an ongoing "analysis" of what's going on. Twice a week is an optimal time-frame for seeing each other while you're building a relationship. Find a married mentor to talk to if you want advice or a perspective that can help you acquire clarity about a courtship.

There are other elements of emotional intimacy that need time to take root and grow – elements like shared experiences, loyalty, dependence, and commitment. Your unmarried friends may be great sounding boards and advice-givers for other aspects of your life, but aren't the best resources when it comes to dating.

For the smart MMS, the choice is clear: save the romance for your lifelong love.

Speed Dating Tip #1 Summary: Dating is not a relationship. The entire Speed Dating for Marriage system can be found in the book Speed Dating - A Timesaving Guide to Finding Your Lifelong Love Yaacov Deyo is a graduate of Harvard College, where he studied physics and economics.

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You won't want to be romantic with these people because you'll know they're GONE's... Which would you rather do: spend the next five years in eight different GONE's -- all with romantic elements, and ending up at the end of those five years single, or would you rather bypass the GONE's (and the temporary romance) and find your spouse after three years?