Android clock widget not updating

Posted by / 16-Dec-2017 07:44

My hunch about Samsung’s Touchwiz interface proved to be true when I decided instead of restarting the phone to instead restart the Touchwiz application.

Use a There are several solutions discussed on this page :) A Tutorial on Making an Analog Clock Widget for Android I have used the Alarm Manager to do this myself and I did not notice any significant battery drain as the Alarm Manager does not wake the phone to update the widget when the phone is asleep.Some are ready while others are outdated, incomplete, or simply not available for all devices: Phones: – ready: Apex, Nova, SPB Shell, Holo, ADW Launcher/EX – outdated: Go Launcher, Regina, Balancer Tablets: – ready: Apex, Nova, Holo – outdated: Go Launcher, SPB Shell, ADW Launcher/EX – not available: Regina, Balancer [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Why do you need so many permissions?”] HD Widgets has a ton of utility switches and personalization features which require a lot of permissions.The only thing that seemed to work was restarting the phone.Well, I knew there had to be some type of culprit to blame for this behavior.

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Read more about widget update in Android doc - especially about update Period Millis parameter.