Are stassi and jax dating

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Are stassi and jax dating

Many things have been documented about the reality star's move to the Big Apple, but not about the guy that she seems to be head-over-heels for. Meagher is the host of a Sirius XM Sports Zone show called "Cocktails With Patrick" and is originally from Michigan.

When he was dating Stassi, a vicious rumor floated around about Jax possibly getting a girl in Vegas pregnant while still dating Stassi.He met her when she was a guest on his show and they dated for two years and moved into that 300 sq foot apt together. handed viewers Monday night for the Season 6 premiere.If Faith is or ever was pregnant, that may add to the feelings of betrayal that Brittany is likely feeling.But it's not as if Jax should be off the hook if her late period was just a pregnancy scare.

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I was listening over the summer and he was talking about soulmates and how his soulmate could be across the country, and I tweeted at him.

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