Cant remove old updating log file

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You can check out following tutorial to learn more about Windows 8 Start Screen if you are not familiar with it: Windows 8 also shows all program shortcuts in a new "All Apps" page which is actually a part of the new Start Screen.If you removed a shortcut accidentally or if you want to restore a removed shortcut, you can go to this "All Apps" page and can pin or add the shortcut again to Start Screen as mentioned in point 2 of this guide.Active searching (via the indexer's API) is only done in a few situations: No.Sonarr will talk to your download client to determine where the files have been downloaded and will import them automatically. If Sonarr and your download client are on different machines you will need to use Remote Path Mapping to link the remote path to a local one so Sonarr knows where to find the files.Due to some unknown reasons, sometimes Desktop tile gets deleted from Windows 8 Start Screen.If the user tries to add it using All Apps page by pressing Ctrl Tab keys, it doesn't show in the list as shown in following screenshot: It becomes quite irritating and there is no way to add the Desktop tile back to Start Screen.

I forgot the BIOS password on my HP Probook 6560b laptop. I took this as a challenge though: “Oh goody, I get to kill my BIOS password! Sometimes the best hack is manufacturer support, lol.

The XEM is used to correct differences in episode numbering (disagreement whether an episode is a special or not) as well as season number differences, such as episodes being released as S10E01, but The TVDB listing that same episode as S2017E01.

Sonarr relies on being able to match titles, often the scene posts episodes using different titles, eg so Sonarr can't match the names without some help.

It might be possible that some 3rd party software removed the tile or may be temporary files cleaning software such as CCleaner removed the shortcut? To restore Desktop tile at Start Screen, you just need to copy Desktop shortcut in "Programs" folder again and it'll reappear at Start Screen. As soon as you copy the shortcut, Desktop tile will be re-added automatically to Start Screen. Check out following tutorials to learn about taking ownership of a file or folder in Windows: Share this article: Facebook | Twitter | Google | Linked In | Reddit Posted in: Troubleshooting, Windows 8 / 8.1 About the author: Vishal Gupta (also known as VG) has been awarded with Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award.

If you are also facing Desktop tile missing in Windows 8 Start Screen problem, you can follow these simple steps to fix the problem: Its a ZIP file, extract it and you'll find a file "Desktop" in the extracted folder. Copy "Desktop" file from the extracted folder and paste it in the "Programs" folder which you opened using step 1. If you still don't see the tile, you can re-pin it using "All Apps" page. It'll open "Windows" folder which contains many other sub-folders inside it. He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels.

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Once you have this, you can proceed with the instructions below. Hold down Windows key up arrow down arrow and power the laptop on 4. Press F10 repeatedly at the screen that shows up with "SMC command handled successfully" 6. When the laptop reboots, the BIOS password is goners.