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Eternal salvation itself consists in heavenly bliss resulting from the intuitive knowledge of the Triune God, who to the one not endowed with grace "inhabiteth light inaccessible" ( 1 Timothy ).

Christian grace is a fundamental idea of the Christian religion, the pillar on which, by a special ordination of God, the majestic edifice of Christianity rests in its entirety.

The Church teaches that justification consists of an actual obliteration of sin and an interior sanctification. What did the Reformers with Luther understand by fiduciary faith ?

Protestantism, on the other hand, makes of the forgiveness of sin merely a concealment of it, so to speak; and of the sanctification a forensic declaration of justification, or an external imputation of the justice of Christ. xii) decrees that not the fiduciary faith, but a real mental act of faith, consisting of a firm belief in all revealed truths makes up the faith of justification and the "beginning, foundation, and source" (loc. They understood thereby not the first or fundamental deposition or preparation for the (active) justification, but merely the spiritual grasp ( instrumentum ) with which we seize and lay hold of the external justice of Christ and with it, as with a mantle of grace, cover our sins (which still continue to exist interiorly) in the infallible, certain belief (fiducia) that God, for the sake of Christ, will no longer hold our sin against us.

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John makes it clear that Our Lord’s crucifixion occurred on “preparation” day, i.e. In other words, as most Jews were killing their lamb without blemish, God’s lamb, Jesus Christ, was also being slaughtered as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. Passover is a “High Sabbath” The of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is also a “High Sabbath” And, Saturday’s are Sabbaths.

John -22 Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac on the same hill was a ‘type’ to signify Christ’s crucifixion.

Genesis 22:1-22 Way back in the Garden of Eden, God promised that Satan’s head would be bruised, but not before Satan would bruise His heel. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.

The preparation for sanctifying grace, or the process of justification. This development attains its fullness in the birth of the child, accompanied by the anguish and suffering with which this birth is invariably attended; our rebirth in God is likewise preceded by great spiritual sufferings of fear and contrition.

In the process of justification we must distinguish two periods: first, the preparatory acts or dispositions (faith, fear, hope, etc.); then the last, decisive moment of the transformation of the sinner from the state of sin to that of justification or sanctifying grace, which may be called the active justification ( actus justificationis ) with this the real process comes to an end, and the state of habitual holiness and sonship of God begins.

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