Counselors for dating

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This 6-session premarital track is designed for engaged couples to explore what God has to say about the institution of marriage.

Couples who wish to get married at James River Church or have a James River Pastor as their officiant are asked to complete these sessions before their wedding day.

There are no hard and fast rules; rather your response to a request for confidential information has to be made in context of the school counselor/administrator history, relationship and trust.

One-on-one counseling is available for all ages as a way of addressing challenges such as depression, addiction, loss and divorce grief.

Our purpose in these sessions is that your faith in the healing power of God would grow and strengthen you in your situation.

School counselors practice confidentiality through the following concepts: 1) in loco parentis; 2) substantial interest/need to know and 3) qualified privilege: In loco parentis is a legal doctrine meaning educators assume custody of students in school because students are deprived of protection from their parents or guardians.

The school counselor owes a special duty to exercise reasonable care to protect students from harm, and this includes protecting their right to privacy and respecting their confidences.

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Confidentiality is much harder to respect with the competing interests in a school setting.