Dating a biracial woman

Posted by / 29-Jul-2017 17:56

As with all of these studies, take a look around you.

Is it what you’re witnessing in real, day-to-day life? My brother’s best friend growing up got his white girlfriend pregnant and eventually married her, and went on to have four other kids.

And, yes, it’s really hard for black women — especially those with degrees — to marry an equally yoked brother, because black men don’t go to college and they all end up in jail. So this is why I sat at yet another Thanksgiving dinner table without a partner at my side — because nobody finds me attractive? If black women are so undesirable, why is everything from our cornrows to our curvy behinds being appropriated by the likes of the Kardashians?

He’s in the ministry and she’s a computer geek, and they appear to have a wonderful family with happy, intelligent kids.

On the other hand, I have a litter of cousins running around in Texas from white women dumb enough to get caught up with my trifling, distant male cousins with nary a marital benefit.

This 33-year-old Highness brings out the cougar in me.

All I know is that I’ve been a fan of Harry the Heartthrob for more than a minute.

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