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Dating a female player

Do not immediately answer every phone call or email.11. get him to talk about DEEPER Things without being clingy or too "scary", just casually ask personal questions, and no matter what the answer, (even if its a shocker) just smile, and absorb the information and offer your answer, maybe it'll start a more complex conversation than just, "you wanna sleep over" (this way, you talk, and discuss things, and its not just all about sex, which opens many doors)theres more, but those are a few little non abrasive things you can try out..... Then buy her some next time and say well, I noticed you like flowers AND SMILE and never act jealous.9) when she acts too enthusiastic look at her and pause and look abit confused.Even if you have to make one up, have an interesting life that you can drop tidbits about in conversations. Never probe or or try to discover if he is seeing anyone else. Wow....I can follow all these guidelines and do well, I believe I can win over Prince William's heart. Since when love becomes such a pathetic tool as a spy game? You love then give in, you don't love then walk out. HERE IS FOR THE PLAYER TO COMBAT LNSTARKISS's approach.1) When she is charming, amused and attentive, then shut up and start to get her to talk about herself and lose herself in her stories and interests and you listen attentively but be quiet .2) When she shows up always spectacular then you OUT DRESS HER and look miles better so she looks almost goofy rag doll like.3) YOU must be busy and not always available and don't ask her about her absenses. 5) If she starts to tease, look confused and change the subject, or grope her gently by grabbing her boob or ass. Hey, what is she going to say, I mean, she is teasing isn't she? 6) When she acts like you are so-o great then have a friend call and tell your phone caller that you are with a very special date right now, "YEA ! She will go home and feel foolish.10) Don't call much and never email.By the way, my first date with this woman ended with a hug, the second ended with a kiss, and the third ended in her bed. I guess I'm rambling a bit, but the point of all this is simple: You want to build your relationship gradually. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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A popular way to achieve this is what I like to refer to as "playing the game". Here's the deal: there is a fine line between being mysterious and being a bonehead. Generally (and I am only speaking out of personal experience) the more mature the woman and the more she knows what she's looking for, the less tolerant she will be to "the game." Then again, different people have different tolerance levels, but I can guarantee you that everybody can only put up with so much abuse. How long will you bang your head against a wall before you give up?

When you're "playing the game", you're trying to artificially create an aura of mystery around yourself. If you hold back too much and make yourself too unavailable, the woman will eventually lose interest! Case in point: I recently had the pleasure of dating a 25 year-old woman who told me she dumped a guy because he was playing it hard to get! To be fair, I have to say that this relationship didn't last because: When I found out she was cheating on me, I dumped her on the spot, so at least you can say I knew when to take the control back to my hands.

K this is the deal, I've always been a "nice" girl. I got this guy i'm interested in, i know he's a big player, We have had some involvment but mostly just hanky panky.

I'm not looking for a deep comentment but i don't want to close the door to having one either.

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I know he plays games with people because i've seen how he does it.

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