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The Basement complex of Nigeria is polycyclic and retains memories of events dating back to about 3000 m. As in other parts of Africa, it suffered its most pronounced deformation and remobilisation during the Pan African Orogeny (about 650-450 m. It is also shown that the basement may have participated in the 1300-900 m. Das Basement Nigerias ist polyzyklisch aufgebaut mit Ereignissen, die bis zu 3000 m. Auch wird gezeigt, da\ das Basement von der Kibarischen Orogenese vor 1300-900 m. Le complexe du soubassement nigérien est polycyclique, et porte la marque d'événements remontant à 3.000 millions d'années.

A review of the geology of this terrain is presented following recent field and geochronological data. In addition, an attempt is made at discussing the evolution of the Precambrian rocks in Nigeria and the conclusion is made that most of the rocks evolved by ensialic rather than plate tectonic processes. Wie in anderen Teilen Afrikas erfolgte die stÄrkste Deformation und Remomobilisation wÄhrend der Panafrikanischen Orogenese (vor etwa 650-450 m. Es wird eine übersicht über die Geologie dieses Gebietes gegeben, die jüngste GelÄndeaufnahmen und geochronologische Daten berücksichtigt. ZusÄtzlich wird der Versuch unternommen, die Evolution der prÄkambrischen Gesteine Nigerias zu diskutieren mit dem Schlu\, da\ die meisten Gesteine sich eher aus ensialischen als aus plattentektonischen Prozessen entwickelten.

Such exhumation may be helped by isostatic movements balancing out the buoyancy of the evolving orogen., the Permian oil shale cropped out with the uplift of Bogda Mountain due to large-scale thrust faults, which inhibited the organic thermal evolution, a significant structural condition for oil shale formation.Template: Use dmy dates Template: World geologic provinces Orogeny refers to forces and events leading to a large structural deformation of the Earth's lithosphere (crust and uppermost mantle) due to the engagement of tectonic plates.Orogenic belts are associated with subduction zones, which consume crust, produce volcanoes, and build island arcs.The arcuate structure is attributed to the rigidity of the descending plate, and island arc cusps are related to tears in the descending lithosphere.

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An orogen may be almost completely eroded away, and only recognizable by studying (old) rocks that bear traces of orogenesis.

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