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"They do something to be together and take responsibility to develop complex things. 18-years-old kids who are taking this kind of complex responsibility in the development of this huge network." Rodriguez traces its origin back to 2012 when the country introduced a formal system for providing limited internet to the public.

Raul Castro formed ETECSA, a government run telecommunications service provider, and opened 35 Wi-Fi parks.

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When one of them moved away, they extended the network so they could continue gaming.

Soon friends were building out the network so they could get in on the gameplay. By 2015 it stretched from one end of Havana to the other, but 2017 it was in other regions around the country, I'm told.

Things became more complicated in 2015 when the government passed regulations banning the importation of 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi equipment.

The government didn't just turn a blind eye to it; in some cases it protected the valuable equipment located on windowsills and rooftops, keeping an eye out for potential thieves.

All of that changed in some people’s eyes in 2015 after several people in the Street Network (often just called the Snet) talked to the Associated Press and brought too much attention to their efforts.

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"It's like, for me it's the most magic place," says Fidel Rodriguez, a professor at the University of Havana department of journalism who has studied the Snet.

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