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Give everyone in the group a sheet and 5-7 minutes to find who goes in each blank.When they find the right person they must also learn one other fact about that person.Consider the high points, the low points, moments of inspiration, moments of despair, leveling off times, and where you are now.The line will probably be a mixture of straight, slanted, jagged and curved lines.

Thinking back as far as you can, draw a line graph to represent your life.Find interesting facts about individual group members before the group meets.Try to discover information that sets each person apart from the others, such as “I have a tugboat named after me” or, “I once wrecked the same quarter panel of my car four times” or, “I have a twin.” Then make a sheet with one fact from each person and a blank beside this fact.What is non-threatening to some group members could terrify others. The first few are easiest and most helpful for a beginning group.For example, the question, “Who would you like to go on vacation with for one week and why? However, the question, “If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go? Many of the later ideas are useful for building relationships in groups that have been together for awhile. Go around again on the second item, and again until you have gone through each one.

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Then, before they eat them ask them to share something for every M&M.

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