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The first series of bombs (1966–74) were exploded in the atmosphere and thereby created a large amount of radioactive fallout.

Regional antinuclear protests eventually compelled the French to shift to underground detonation, in which explosions were contained in shafts that had been bored deep beneath the land surface of Moruroa Atoll and its lagoon.

Far from conforming to Western notions of paradise, traditional Polynesian cultures were in fact complex, highly specialized, and adapted to environments that could be quite hostile.

While Polynesia was never the paradise some Westerners supposed, the circumstances of contemporary life also reflect more than a century of colonial disruption to indigenous cultural traditions. For example, nuclear test site, a process begun in 1962 when France’s former testing ground, Algeria, gained independence.

Many Polynesians were recruited to proselytize other parts of the Pacific, particularly Melanesia.Polynesian cultures have been radically altered by Western colonialism.European explorers navigated much of the area in the latter quarter of the 18th century, and the first missionaries arrived in the late 1700s and early 1800s.Missionary influence on Polynesian peoples increased over time, and Christianity eventually became an integral part of the islanders’ lives.In many areas Christianity was also influenced by local traditions and customs.

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Three island groups—Tonga, Tahiti, and Hawaii—had traditionally been monarchies.