Dating stop being backup friend

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It can really be miserable for you, if you find out that you are a backup lover for your girl.

You have to first evaluate the situation well and take a decision whether you want to continue with the backburner relationship or not.

However, if she is busy even on weekends, then there is something wrong.

Instead of taking out time to meet you on the weekends, if she makes plans with others, then my friend, you are in a backburner relationship. Do not ignore the photos and posts of some other guy that your girl posts on her social media profiles on a continuous basis.

It is usually seen that women who are in a serious relationship are always doubtful about their future, and so they end up having backup boyfriends.

The reasons behind this could be one of the following: Related reading: 15 Signs he is ready to settle down with you Backup plans are good, but not in the case of relationships.

She will neither let you visit her home nor will she visit your home.

According to a study, this is a relationship which one has with another person, who is actually just a backup option.

She will barely listen to what you have to say and keep using her phone when she is with you.

If she fails to meet you on the weekdays, then you can understand because she is probably busy with her professional life.

Do you notice your girl being distracted around you?

If yes, then probably she is just tolerating your company because you are her backup option.

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After understanding what backburner relationships are, it is important to go through certain facts related to such relationships.

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