Dating without children dating austrelia

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Dating without children

But recently I've been thinking about the future and how I should fill my days doing "stuff" when I have so much spare time?

Who's my "family" to do activities and shop for dinner with?

Their list of confidants often includes people who are not kin.

As I have described in detail previously (De Paulo, 2011a), there are many claims in the literature that single people are lonely and that getting married eases that loneliness, but a close look at the original research reports suggests much more qualified conclusions.

It is also untrue that single people with no children are especially likely to be depressed in later life.I remind myself of this on days when I start wondering what it would be like to be a part of the majority.I knew at the age of 11 that I didn't want kids and it wasn't until just a few years later that I knew for certain I did not want to get married (it took me almost two decades to accept this latter fact about myself).Bures, Koropeckyj-Cox, and Loreee (2009) analyzed the responses of more than 17,000 Americans, 51 and older, from the Health and Retirement Study.They compared depression among different marital and parental statuses, distinguishing, for example, between biological and social parenting, and between people with and without living children.

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