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To celebrate this ranking, hundreds of couples from around the valley visited the canal on March 17 to feed the ducks.

“This is an exciting time,” says Robin Swallow, a Taylorsville local.

And he's like, 'Well I have a decorator.' I don't know if he's dating, but I know he's f***ing — a lot." So what about Mike's home has left everyone gushing when they come over to Netflix and chill?

"Here's my tip, when you're decorating you cannot go to one place and buy everything from that place," he said.

The Beard Game Matters Facebook group about male facial hair grooming tips took a serious left turn and started trending when page participants started using it as an online dating hot spot.

Philadelphia Tribune digital reporter Eric Moody talks with the staff at Red's Creative Kutz about proper beard maintenance for Black men.

I'm mixing vintage mid-century modern pieces that I'm buying [online] and in local stores with less expensive things from CB2 and West Elm.“Our losses are great, but out message is greater,” says duck croutons activist leader Mallard Luther King.The ducks protested outside the student center for two hours.And what kind of girl would he like to see Mike with? "It's definitely not rewarding [being his voice of reason]. I wish that things had turned out differently for Mike," he said."And I wish that they had waited through that ugly period because there were all these accusations and issues that were coming up for them and instead of dealing with everything, they kind of just rushed and got married as fast as possible.

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Local duck feeding residents did not notice any difference in the ducks behavior thinking the ducks were not that hungry.

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  1. Lowery, Jr., assembled a few study specimens of birds in a classroom in Audubon Hall. The remarkable Mississippi Museum of Natural Science assembles that heritage and places it on display for the education and entertainment of visitors from across the nation and aroun....