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So where they are within the act, and what they are, will be different each time." Bounties can involve killing bosses, clearing out dungeons, or completing other goals, and they reward you with experience, gold, and rift keystone fragments. Rifts, Paolilli explained, "are multilevel dungeons that take a mix of tilesets, lighting and monsters and put them together in a combination you haven't seen before. Explaining what this overhaul would bring to the game, Martens said, "First and foremost is the smart drop system, which is that items have a high-percentage chance of rolling stats that are good for the character that finds them.

And, of course, when members are ready for a military coupe, it will also let you know when there’s been a…erm… In addition to the features listed above, the clan News Tab will let you know when players go on- and offline, earn achievements, acquire Legendary items, and are promoted.Describing the mode as Diablo III's go-anywhere, slay-anything sandbox mode, Paolilli called up the world map from which you access the mode's content."You're free to play however you want, by yourself or with friends, and you can kind of design how you want to play and the amount of time you want to play.They’re intended less for leadership and firm goals and more for social purposes–you won’t be joining a community to organize loot runs, but probably to talk about cats. So, if you’re caught between chatting about preservatives in Jell-O and the heraldry of our sovereign feline overlords, you can do both!Clans are small, tightly-knit gaming groups designed with specific goals in mind.

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