Dirty chating

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Dirty chating

And then five days before we started filming, the co-financier decided to pull out of the film.

We had all the casting, the crew, the location and the camera but half of the money disappeared.

But on the set, Stella was so funny and it was a joyful moment.

KG: I was intimidated by [the transvestite's] confidence. And as an actor, it's a question to whether you think you can bring your family to the film or share it with your loved ones. I saw her in a party and then I briefly talked to her. I ended up skyping with her and then she came to Paris.

So they think if they add some fun, things will start to get better. In the script it says nothing happens -- once Murphy sees her naked in the film he gets scared and can't have sex with her.When you're in love, you're going towards the world or space around you. It's weird because the word love can contain different meanings. You can love your father, mother, sister, brother, your friends, your son.You can also love your present girlfriend or ex girlfriend without being in love with the person.KG: My mother had tears of joy [for me] to be able to go and present a movie at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. I told them that there's going to be a lot of love scenes in this movie and it might be strange for you to see it. Most parents have never seen their son with an erection. I shot a movie right before this, which I'm actually presenting here at TIFF, called Stonewall with Roland Emmerich. She was very happy to meet me but didn't want to do the film. So I had him filmed with another girl I was casting from LA and flew them over. And then suddenly everything fell into place for casting.I told them they could sit this one out if they wanted to. GN: Also, the thing is nowadays everybody knows when you're making a movie you're playing a game. KG: I think my mother was just happy that I was working. I introduced Karl to Aomi, who happened to also be in Paris at that time. Aomi decided she wanted to be a part of it and Karl made a deal with his producer very quickly, jumped on a plane and decided to do it pretty last minute.

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