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Conflict within peer and dating relationships is a particularly important area to address, as many adolescents do not realize that conflict in romantic relationships is inevitable (Shulman 2003).

For example, because she is “in love,” a teen that ordinarily uses good judgment may get into a car being driven by her drunken boyfriend.

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Relationships education also can facilitate movement toward well- functioning committed relationships and marriages in adulthood.

Providing effective relationships education can support positive youth development and help reduce impulsive and health-compromising behaviors.

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Kao i svi Long Distance komunikacionih tehnologija (kao što su telefon i internet), smanjivanjem potrebe da putuju da okupi ljude tehnologiju i doprinosi smanjenju emisija ugljenika, čime se pomaže da se smanji globalno zagrevanje.A summary of key findings from the first year of a multi-year curriculum evaluation study is provided.Keywords: adolescent development, youth-focused relationships/marriage education, curriculum evaluation Information about romantic relationships may be especially relevant and timely for adolescents in high school.Often adolescent dating relationships are short in duration and can involve great fluctuations in positive and negative emotions.According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC 2006), each year approximately one in 11 high school students is a victim physical dating violence; the rates are similar for males and females.

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