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Intimidating advanced guestbook 2 3 1

There are many other chords to learn as you expand your range, but these will get you started. PDF format; you can download them onto your computer or tablet and read them direct or print them.

The chords are printed above the words (lyrics) so you can see when to change chords.

The banjo is a loud instrument and timing is very important when you are playing with others…

once you have some chord changes smooth, you need to practise steady strumming without pauses or speeding up/slowing down.

You can get an electronic metronome or a metronome app for your smartphone etc. Tapping your foot or nodding your head may help you to keep in time, too (just be aware if you’re playing with others that a loud tapping foot can be very disconcerting unless you’re leading the group, so keep it soft).

To begin, you can just strum all the strings without using your left hand at all – the banjo is usually strung to a G chord!

frets); but as this is just a simple one-finger bar formation, we’ll start with a few 2- or 3-chord songs using the open G, bar C, and bar D chords.

I just wanted to convert some of my song sheets for banjo and to provide some simple chord formations so that you can strum and sing without too much pain.

Make sure your banjo is in tune; there are various electronic tuners you can buy and there are apps and sites with tuners -some that use the microphone on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can check the tuning of the strings against each other: if your 4th (low D) string is in tune, press down on the 5th fret and it will play a G, which is the same note as the open 3rd string; the 3rd fret on the 3rd string should sound the same as the open 2nd string, and so on....

(you don’t have to make a noise that way, so it won’t drive the rest of the family mad). with your right hand, you’ll find good videos on You Tube to help, but to start with you may find it easier to just strum the rhythm and concentrate on remembering the chord formations.

You can use a pick (or set of picks for rolls etc.) if you want to, but that will make it very loud; I prefer to use my thumb or fingers and keep it softer, especially for practice or to fit in with other softer instruments.

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Achy Breaky Heart only has a chord change at the end of each second line, so you have plenty of time to get ready for the change.

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