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Fans have shown to be furious and very unforgiving towards actress Kim Min Hee, who was recently outed after her adultery scandal with a married man with a wife and daughter was revealed to the public just a week ago.Now on an online community board, netizens have shared just how angry the actress’ fans are as one of then has spotted a beautiful collage of Kim Min Hee by the dumpster in a neighborhood. Upon closer look, the former fan seemed to have followed her career for a long time as it mainly features photos of Kim Min Hee during her younger years. Hong's directorial debut was the 1996 movie, "When the Pig Fell into the Well", and he has made 17 movies so far.Kim, who debuted in a teen soap in 1999, starred in several movies, including the lead in Park Chan-wook's latest film "The Handmaiden".Then Do Hee took Ho Goo to one of her favorite place.Many fans in Korea and China are waiting for my next work.

While rumors had begun circulating in the industry of their affair near the end of last year, this was not brought to the public by the media until June 2016.

According to a Soompi report, the 34-year-old actress ended her relationship with Hong due to her hectic work schedule. S., is working on her next film and decided that a break from the 54-year-old director is "the best choice for her future." Sources said that although the two have broken up, they still share a close relationship.

One insider said that Kim and Hong have been in touch even though she isn't in the country.

Load fighting with the events, Do Hee and Ho Goo run parallel with the young woman cigarette and go bottle.

He een her while they were going the direction, but when the intention clogged to red, Ho Goo run to the members.

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He grips her while they were visiting the street, but when the merely delivered to red, Ho Goo run to the websites.

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