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This User Agreement as well as amendments and supplements hereto shall enter into force since published at https://ru/mail-help/UA. Ru Services as well as to obtain the rights to use extra functional (program) capabilities of the Internet Service the User shall undergo the registration procedure as follows: During the progress of filling in the registration form the User shall independently use its Login and password required for further access to the e-mail box as well as the information data including secret question and answer enabling the User to independently re-activate access to its e-mail box.The User’s agreement with the terms and conditions hereof shall be expressed by clicking the button “Register a mailbox” placed under the registration form for e-mail boxes, registration in any of Mail. Ru Services.3.2 The User shall be entitled to refuse to accept the amendments hereto which means the User’s refusal to use the Mail. The User shall confirm its awareness of that e-mail box security directly depends on complexity (number and variability of characters) of its Password and information data (secret question and answer). Ru by no means shall check the information provided by the User hereinafter referred to as the logon information (unless otherwise stipulated in the terms and conditions of provision of a certain Service), shall be liable to any third persons for accuracy and authenticity of the logon data and shall estimate the User’s logon data as its personal data.In case of deletion of the User’s e-mail box created on the third person’s resource or changing of the password used to access the Internet Service, the Internet Service shall be accessed using the password which was used by the user during the last session. Ru recommends to protect your password and to correctly, clearly and completely fill in the Mail and Mail. The User shall be fully liable for both content of its messages and for the information, data, text, programs, music, sounds, graphics, video, messages and other materials (hereinafter referred to as the “Materials”), published and/or transmitted through Mail. 5.2.1 upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish the Materials including by pointing at the location thereof, placing the links which are illegal, malicious, threatening, injure morality, detractive, infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights, hateful and/or discriminating on the basis of race, ethnos, sex, social status as well as infringing accepted standards and communication ethics on the Internet or hindering other User’s work with Mail.Ru Services;upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish the Materials infringing any third persons’ rights including the rights to trademarks (service marks), trade secret and/or to infringe any other intellectual property rights of the third persons;upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish the advertisements which are not expressly allowed including mass advertisement mailing not authorized and/or not awaited by the User including messages with great number of reduplications to one e-mail address (SPAM) as well as numerous unauthorized messages sent to one addressee;upload, send, transmit or otherwise publish any Materials containing viruses and other computer codes, files and programs intended to cause malfunction, destruction or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment and programs, to obtain unauthorized access to computer systems, equipment or data of the third persons as well as serial numbers of commercial software and programs for generation thereof, logins, passwords and other means to obtain unauthorized access to charged Internet resources as well as share links to the above information; Except to the extent permitted hereby as well as by the current laws of the Russian Federation none of the materials may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, represented, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in full or in part without prior consent of Mail.Wife went on vacation with the children and left one man in the house. Enrolling in massage parlor the husband as a gentleman lost his wife and she first felt the skilled hands of the masseur.A few phone calls, girlfriends and wives already knocking at the door and get in line to fuck their anuses in the end. Wife even landed in Turkey, as husband is fucking the juicy figures of two best friends. Husband is aware of all the nuances and cum over their cute faces for the girls presented their sweet pussies. He smoothly walked around the body touching cute ass wife sweet and she was moaning softly with pleasure.Processing of the User’s data shall be carried out since the date of the User’s registration till the date of cancellation of its account.The User shall agree that when processing the logon data Mail.

Ru to the User (licensee) under conditions of simple (non-exclusive) license for the period stipulated in the correspondent extra charged functional (program) capabilities of the Internet Service through obtaining access to extra charged functional (program) capabilities of the Internet Service and actual using thereof within the territory covered by the Internet Service.

Ru Services as well as with the terms and conditions of other norms and regulations governing the procedure for using the Internet Service and certain Mail.

Ru Services as in force on the date of actual usage. Ru shall provide access to a complex of the Internet Services including different communication Services, goods and services Services, entertainment Services, information content-projects available on personal computer and various mobile devices both currently existing and the ones which will be developed in the future (Mail.

Publishing its logon data and other information and joining to the User Agreement the User shall provide Mail.

Ru with its consent to processing of the logon and other data, public visibility of its profile and the correspondent Services taking into consideration the available functionalities (subject to periodic change at the discretion of Mail.

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