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Well, I suggest you start by recognizing that your chief annoyance is the temporary ambiguity - with the emphasis on temporary (see #4 above).From there you have two options: _____________________________ * Note that I am only talking here about "fading out" after early dating. He wove such logical webs – he knew what to say to lure me in emotionally. So, now I was dealing with someone with a Narcissistic personality disorder AND an extreme compulsive gambling problem. When our youngest was born – I progressed to post partum psychosis and cared for a baby with health issues and a terminally ill mother. It was easy to convince me of any problems rested solely on my shoulders. Jobs were great unless they interrupted any portion of his life. It became apparent that the time, the energy and the money was spent elsewhere – ah, yes, the gambling.

Then he wanted video chat and I sat there naked while he masterbated. My “guy” didn’t contact me once after I told him I had to go to my father. After a few days of silence, he came back and virtually attacked me on chat (I know most people will not know what this is about but it is real.) I asked him if he still loved me and he said, “The honest answer is……….. The day before he left, I dumped him for the final time and thanked him for reminding me that there were predators in the world and I would remember that for now on.

If nothing else, this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female's ignorance of the male mindset.

At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex.

She immediately called CPS, lied to my daughter and told her I called and that is where I am today. I’m sure my daughter drummed it in her daughters head she better not tell a thing. The guilt is so overwhelming that it is paralyzing some days. A couple of days ago, I did some research and discovered that he was married and had been married for several years. I was so sorry by wanted her to know the man she married. I texted him and told him I knew about the wife and now, the baby. This nut is such a narcissist when we go camping instead of facing the beautiful lake he will face fixated on the women’s bathroom. Well we met three times in the two years this went on. Started sending pictures of his penis and asking me to send him full body shots. He lived 6000 miles away so I just went along with it. He told me he was better in bed than my husband and I would have great orgasms with him. So I’ve had enough of him so I changed my number and I think he met someone else so I’m I out of the woods with him, oh and he as 9 retaining orders against him. Reply A month and a half later and I did hear from him. But good on you for resisting it was almost a certain move on his half huh! Smh and he has been giving me the silent treatment for a month going out with his buddies every night.

My daughter has accepted her father, her grandmother who lied and his entire side of the family while discarding me and both of my parents as well. I am sick over the fact that I feel like I abandoned my granddaughters. After I left the letter on their front door and I got back to my car. Also when I call him out on that he starts screaming in my face saying I am nuts and crazy and I need help, I stand up for myself acting unafraid face to face, but in reality I am because he has physically hurt me before in the past many times, He always tries to intimidate me with fear so we can keep being the filthy cockroach that he is ! When first met him online he kept telling me how beautiful and sexy I was. Telling me he’s So sorry about everything and can we start with being friends and try a relationship later on again….. One bit of advice, by acting aggressive to them implies that they still have the hold over you. The less you react and the less time you have for them the less they have to play with ;). Women can indeed be as narcissistic as men, sometimes worse. I M LIKE CANDY TO THEM , ITS LIKE AN INVISIBLE STAMP ON MY FOREHEAD, LOL. Doesn’t care if I eat or have money like before I told him how I felt.

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The moment he was served with the papers, he moved in with another woman and her daughter and stopped making sure that his own girls were taken care of.