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Let's create a multi-step scenario to see how a DB2 stored procedure is called from a Perl program.

First, let's create a simple stored procedure SP_GET_LOC that returns the location for a given department from the table ORG (step 1).

By running SELECT statement against this table from DB2 CLP, we can confirm that two rows have been inserted into the table.

If dynamic SQL does not have parameter markers (placeholders), it could be immediately executed after that step.DBI, the standard for connecting Perl scripts to an RDBMS, was introduced in 1994.You can find the DBI driver source and its documentation at A value from the database is passed into a local variable using DBI - returns a message for an SQLCODE associated with a Perl DBI database handle or statement handle.I recommend using this method, as it gives you more information about the failure of the SQL statement.

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Now, values for inserted columns are not hard-coded within the SQL statement, but are passed into that statement dynamically using parameter markers that bind into that statement using the $sth-The technique to return a result set (or multiple results) from a database into a Perl program is pretty much the same.