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You can define your very own style or you can try different styles to make her loo... Audrey is a trendsetter, so join her in this amazing beauty makeup vlogger story.

With each new post she makes online, you'll have to catch as many likes you can and turn them into coins. Hey girls, in this lovely new Enchanted Forest Hair Salon you can practice and prove you hair stylist skills by giving amazing new and fabulous haircuts to Red Riding Hood, the Pony Princess and Ti...

She is on her way to the castle to meet him and have a great time together.

Unfortunately, an evil witch appeared and ruined the princess'...

Be a good doctor and get her to your office for a cavity treatment.

Help her pick the perfect outfits that will match her makeup! Your favorite little princesses are having a sleepover party!

Pick which bedroom they should all be in, and decorate it.

Have you ever imagined what you'd look like if you were a mermaid?

What sort of tail and fin would you have, how would you style your hair, what sort of fish would be your best friend? In this Girls Fix It game we're going to take care of a magical creature!

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Love matchmaking is her area of expertize since she learned so much fr... Join Emily on a family adventure that spans 30 years ? Cinderella has started her own online business and she is so excited about this. Teresa and Christie are two great girls and they are BFFs with the great blonde doll Barbie.

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