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Row cannot be located for updating oracle

Information about every SDO_Geometry column should be recorded in the Oracle Spatial metadata schema, though Oracle Spatial does not do this automatically.(The Oracle Spatial metadata schema is exposed for each schema as the view USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA.) The software that creates SDO_Geometry columns must insert the metadata for those columns.(OGC) compliant structured query language (SQL) access to the geodatabase and database.This storage extends the capabilities of the database by providing storage for objects (points, lines, and polygons) that represent geographic features.Oracle geometry validation routines do not implement precisely the same set of rules as the Arc GIS geometry validation.However, Arc GIS is designed to write SDO_Geometry that satisfies the Oracle validation rules.Each subclass stores the type of geometry implied by its name; for instance, ST_Multi Point stores multipoints.A list of the subclasses and their descriptions are in the following table: SDO_Geometry is implemented using an Oracle extensible object-relational-type system.

Geometries can also be constructed from circular curves or a combination of both interpolation methods.

The ST_Geometry data type implements the SQL 3 specification of user-defined data types (UDTs), allowing you to create columns capable of storing spatial data such as the location of a landmark, a street, or a parcel of land.

It provides International Organization for Standards (ISO) and Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.

The following is a general description of the ST_Geometry spatial data type.

For information specific to the Oracle implementation, see ST_Geometry in Oracle.

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When you choose to include a text field in the table you create using Arc GIS, the VARCHAR2 data type is used if the database is not set to use Unicode encoding.