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I'm very sorry that some posters felt the need to criticize your efforts.. Although I live in the USA, I've been enthralled with the progress of Sita. Lovely baby, lovely videos, congratulations BBC and Paignton Zoo, and of course Sita. Generally rhinos only make snorting sounds through their noses. The only sounds they generally make is a snorting noise through their noses.I am greatful that you have provided the web cam and have staffed it so diligently! What sort of noise does a Rhino make When it wants to say Hello? After watching the Rhino Cam for weeks, waiting for the birth of Sita's calf; You can't imagine the disappointment that I had when I clicked on "BBC News - rhino is born" to find out it is available to UK users only.Your efforts are appreciated both here and, I'm sure, everywhere around the globe. Horses neigh, and sheep say Baaa, But how does a Rhino go? I'm sure people from all over the world have watched her pushed with her, etc and would like to see the clip. I watch many cams out of the USA Reply from BBC host: Hi Megg.Cats say Meow, and dogs all bark, And cows, they just go Moo, But what sort of noise does a Rhino make? Where can others that don't live in the UK see this wonderful once in a lifetime event? The BBC is funded by UK licence payers and this is the reason some video clips are restricted to UK only.

nd if they ad gone it to soon it could ave been a tradgic end those people know best nd dont need sarcastic comments after all their hard work....The zoo's adult rhinos Sita and Kingo mated in the autumn of 2005, and with a gestation period of around 15 months the new arrival is due sometime in January or February.When is the baby due: read more Kingo (male) is 23 years old and has already fathered four calves.Rhinos live for up to 45 years in zoos, so he's still in his prime.He weighs in at 1.8 tonnes and came to Paignton Zoo in 2003 from Port Lympe Zoo in Kent. Thanks for all your comments and support over the past nine months. Just to let you know there are two ways you can get involved, following the birth of Sita's calf.

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Well done to you all my name is lauren aged 11, i think the baby rhino is really cute and the best thing i have seen on the computer. I hope this web cam stays on here for a long time so i can watch it.