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They took these people and placed them on reservations created by white folks to house a people who befriended them. Finally, lying white people took Black people and deny that Black people are genetically tied to the greatest man that ever lived - Jesus.

I'm not crazy about Stalin but the Soviet peoples and soldiers are certainly unsung heroes of that war. The constant wailing over soviet casualties and there victim status forgets the fact that they started the war in the first place. You cant forget that the German army was way over extended fighting on all fronts, that was not just Russians. Come on man if your going to comment try say something a little more intelligent, instead of " Russia did EVERYTHING" yea and won the war all by them selves huh? BTW I strongly believe if the Fuhrer would have not back stabbed Stalin they would have still been allied together and would have made a devastating bio in thw War, so its a very good thing that Hitler decided to envade Russia because if not Hitler may have won the war with Stalins help. Then Eisenhower would have killed us all with his "Manhatten Project".

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