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The team was clearly enjoying the fruits of their labor.Everyone was rolling in dough, and Debra was raking in more money than she'd ever dreamed possible.Getting married seemed like a good idea at the time.High school sweethearts, she the cheerleader, and he the local football hero in a small town, it all seemed like destiny. One thing Mark COULD do well, was fuck her brains out after a stressful day at work, so she could easily fall fast asleep.It showed her that, at least for now, they weren't just real estate selling robots but instead, they were real people. Inc had pretty much monopolized the market in Andover Wisconsin in the last three years.She also knew that once the fever cooled down a little they'd go right back to closing sales. It took a lot of hard work on the part of her team and thousands of hours both in the office and out on the streets, prospecting for listings, and finally, it had all paid off.Shortly after the marriage, he began staying at home all day.He was supposedly looking for work during the entire time she worked full time while also studying for her real estate license.

The office was abuzz when Debra Jennings walked into work on what she thought would be just another Monday morning. "That's great Bobby, we'll talk about it later, but don't you think we're a little late for the morning sales meeting? " The latest self appointed office town crier spun around and corralled all the other agents into meeting room #2. Debra ran her meetings in a tight professional way.

HT (as they were known around the office) immediately moved them all to a massive office building downtown, and Debra was quickly promoted from supervisor at The Conyer Group, to Senior Office Sales Manager, in order to among other things, aid in, and facilitate the restructure into the HT family. Changing her career from high end clothing retail sales, was the best thing she had ever done for herself, she often thought.

Well, that and divorcing that deadbeat of a husband she had supported for the four years of their miserable marriage.

Hiring away the area's best of the best of local real estate agents from competing agencies was a big expense to take on, but the new young professionals were bringing home the bacon in big profits for the once tiny one room, family owned agency.

Their amazing success, got the attention of Home Town inc., a national realty powerhouse, who happily paid off the Conyer family for their business, and added them to the Home Town Family of Professional Realty Services.

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