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Enterprise Singapore is being positioned as one of two “critical and complementary economic pillars” in the city, with the other being the Economic Development Board.

As part of the merger, the Competition Commission of Singapore will take over SPRING’s role in overseeing Singapore’s consumer protection regulations.

Customers across Singapore are expressing disappointment that Amazon Prime Now is overwhelmed with demand.

The company seems to have underestimated the enthusiasm and has opted to not accept deliveries rather than make false promises.according to .

Enterprise Singapore will integrate its knowledge of industries with its network of local and overseas partners, to comprehensively support our enterprises in their efforts to innovate and internationalise,” said Iswaran in the speech.

The merger is planned to be finalised in the second quarter of 2018.

The Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, announced today the merger of SPRING Singapore, an agency designed to support small business, and International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), which is tasked build the city-state into an international trading hub.

“To better support industry and enterprises in this dynamic economic environment, we will build on the strengths of SPRING and IE by merging them to form a new government agency – Enterprise Singapore.

Their peers would come driving down the opposite direction and speed off to the distant neighbourhoods.

An old uncle, apparently noticing my curiosity, approached me and said, “Look, they are putting all these people to work…so busy.” Then he said that this was a good thing and went his way.

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“Through Enterprise Singapore, startups will not only benefit from the capability development support that SPRING has been providing, but will also be plugged into IE’s international networks, especially in fast growing regional markets.

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