Start dating mitsuru Erotc chatt

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Start dating mitsuru

However, if you hit a Shadow with your weapon, you'll get the first strike in battle which help a lot.

Courage can be raised by singing Karaoke at the mall or eating at certain restaurants at the strip mall.

Mitchan keeps extremely short brown hair and is often seen dressed in office clothing. She met Ritsu Sohma while he was going to visit Shigure.

They may have started dating, since they are shown having instant chemistry, but it is revealed in a side story in the Fruits Basket Fanbook -Cat- that Mitsuru is not entirely sure of Ritsu's gender, due to his constant wearing of women's kimonos. Shigure teases Mitchan about getting his paperwork done (ex. It is never stated whether or not she is aware of the curse (and judging by the two character's personalities, she most likely does not know).

At Mitsuru's Orders, Ken Amada transfered to Shujin to keep tabs on the Phantom Thieves.

One thing leads to another, and Ken soon finds himself leading 3 lives at once.

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playing around the house saying he doesn't have anything done to annoy Mitchan, while actually having it all done). In an Omake it is revealed slightly jokingly that she is not 100% sure that Ritsu is a man (and likewise, Ritsu is almost doubly self-conscious about his crossdressing around Mitchan) but the two seem very happy anyway. It is revealed the two are very far along in their relationship due to when Ritsu's curse was broken Mitchan was there with his parents.