Updating iis ssl certificate

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So you can use your Dev machine to create a certificate then export it and install it on a live server. Once you’ve submitted a CSR request your provider will process the request and eventually issue you a new final certificate that contains another text file with the final key to import into your certificate store.IIS does this by combining the content in your certificate request with the original CSR.Regardless you should make sure this matches the right company/organization. Not really sure what this is for, but traditionally I’ve always set this to Web because – well this is a Web thing after all right?

Again check with the provider when you submit to make sure.

Because I deal with public certificates on my site merely once a year, and you have to perform the certificate dance just the right way, I seem to run into some sort of trouble every year, thinking that Microsoft surely must have addressed the issues I ran into previously – HA! The first rule that I should have never forgotten is that certificate renewals in IIS (7 is what I’m using but I think it’s no different in 7.5 and 8), simply don’t work if you’re submitting to get a public certificate from a certificate authority.

I use DNSimple for my DNS domain management and SSL certificates because they provide ridiculously easy domain management and good prices for SSL certs – especially wildcard certificates, which is what I use on

Organization Is the name of your company or organization.

Depending on the kind of certificate you purchase this name will show up on your certificate. those that cost under 0 for single domains) don’t list the organization, the higher signature certificates that also require extensive validation by the cert authority do.

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When you’re done here, the certificate is saved to disk as a file and it should look something like this (this is a 2048 bit length CSR):-----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- MIIEVGCCAz0CAQAwdj ELMAk GA1UEBh MCVVMx Dz ANBg NVBAg MBkhhd2Fpa TENMAs G A1UEBww EUGFp YTEf MB0GA1UECgw WV2Vzd CBXa W5k IFRl Y2hub2xv Z2llcz EMMAo G B1UECww DV2Vi MRgw Fg YDVQQDDA8q Lndlc3Qtd2lu ZC5jb20wgg Ei MA0GCSq GSIb3 DQEBAQUAA4IBDw Awgg EKAo IBAQDIPWOFMk MVRp2Ftj9w/c CVV4OYYho ZYtl 8l Tk oq Dw Kca0x WHLgio X/9v0r ZLS6a82MHq KEBx VXu cu Cm SE4AQt B/1YH9l S4tpc/be OZDvn Tot P6l4MCEzz Af ROcw4Ci Ig6X0RMSnl8IATAvv2V5LQM9TDdt9o Dd Mp X2IY v VC9RZ7PMHBm R9kw I2i/lr Kitzh QKa Hgpm Kc Rl M6iqp ALUi X28w5HJa DKK1MDHN 607ty FJLHiju JKx7Pd Tq ZYf50Kk C3Nupf Z2av Vycf18Q13j HWj59tvw EOczo Vz RL l4LQiv Aqbhyiq Mp Wnr Zun IOUZta5a Gm jo7O1kn GWJjxura TAg MBAAGggg GYMBo G Cis GAQQBgjc NAg Mx DBYKNi4y Ljky MDAu Mj A0Bgkr Bg EEAYI3FRQx Jz Al Ag EFDAZS QVNYUFMMC1JBU1h QU1x Sa WNr DAt Jbm V0TWdy Lm V4ZTBy Bgor Bg EEAYI3DQICMWQw Yg IBAR5a AE0Aa QBj AHIAbw Bz AG8AZg B0ACAAUg BTAEEAIABTAEMAa ABh AG4Abg Bl AGw AIABDAHIAe QBw AHQAbw Bn AHIAYQBw AGg Aa QBj ACAAUABy AG8Adg Bp AGQAZQBy Aw EAMIHPBgkqhki G9w0BCQ4xgc Ewgb4w Dg YDVR0PAQH/BAQDAg Tw MBMGA1Ud JQQM MAo GCCs GAQUFBw MBMHg GCSq GSIb3DQEJDw Rr MGkw Dg YIKo ZIhvc NAw ICAg CAMA4G CCq GSIb3DQMEAg IAg DALBglghkg BZQMEASow Cw YJYIZIAWUDBAEt MAs GCWCGSAFl Aw QBAj ALBglghkg BZQMEAQUw Bw YFKw4DAgcw Cg YIKo ZIhvc NAwcw HQYDVR0OBBYE FD/y Os Tb XE GVFCFMmldz Qvyloz9MA0GCSq GSIb3DQEBBQUAA4IBAQCK6Lls Cu IM 1AU0ni B6QZ9v0FTs GFx P1d Yv VUn Jy Y6VEKNi GFi Qj Zac7UCs0p58y Scd XWEFOE8V Osj AYD3x YNc05 cky D67UHRGEUAVB9RBvb KW23Ke R/8k Bm Ezc8Pem D52YOg Exx AJ 57x Wm Aw EHAvbg Yz Qvh O8AOz H3TGvv Hbg5UKM1p Yg Nmuw Zq5Dk L/IDoe IJwfk/wr I wgh NTuxx IFgb H4Yrg Lgv4PRvr S/La TCRBdboa Cgz ATMcza Ob1nd/DVNR 3f Ct Mh M W0ps TAjz Rbm XF3n Jy AQa7j F/52gk Y0Rf FX2l G5t Jn G XDs VNv KNvh9Qa5Tlmkm06 ILKCm9ci WCKk -----END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- You can take that certificate request and submit that to your certificate provider.

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