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Version 3.03 also features a handful of bug fixes, including ones for missed program/patch changes and hanging notes that can occur if you're playing during a program change, as well as possible crashing if hardware settings are changed while the Gigapulse window is open.

In addition, NFX and VST bypass states are now remembered correctly after a save, and MIDI Mixer Mute/Solo behaviour has also been Improved, as has the File Save command.

If you do, it's the Waveshell file that's blocked, and all your Waves plug-ins will have disappeared simultaneously next time you launch Gigastudio 3.

You can, however, tidy up the plug-in list by creating a new folder named 'Waves' inside the VST Plug-ins folder, and dragging the existing 'Waveshell-VST 5.0.dll' file into it.

(If you use Cubase SX you can find out what each plug-in's latency is, in samples, from the 'Plug-In Information' window.) Waves plug-ins are in DX (Direct X) format and require Waves' Waveshell in order to appear in their VST guise.

You might be tempted to try to manually block the high-latency Waves plug-ins, such as Ultrapitch, Soundshifter and the Restoration and Masters bundles in Gigastudio 3, but I would advise that you don't.

I experienced no problems during the burn, got the usual 'CD successfully burned' message, and could even see the 'burned' area on the disk.

I burned a couple more discs, with exactly the same problem, and also tried using a CD laser lens cleaner, but eventually had to come to the conclusion that the drive had simply worn out.

If you want to run DX plug-ins in Gigastudio 3, try Vincent Burel's freeware FFX4, shown in action here.

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This month, my CD-R/W drive started to give me problems.

It will still read CD-ROMs and CD-Rs, but when I recently tried to burn a CD-R with it, using Ahead's Nero, it refused to read the files I'd just burned, complaining that I'd inserted a blank disc, and my new DVD drive couldn't read its contents either.

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Vincent Burel's FFX16 is designed as a Direct X 'rack' that lets you chain up to 16 DX plug-ins, each with on/off and bypass buttons, change their order via drag and drop, and load and save your chains.