Updating procedures

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Updating procedures

For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.Professional fleet managers are responsible for carefully defining fleet policies and procedures to all employees including executive management.

Comparison results also indicated that the HUP performed better than the AR and RLS models, while RLS model was slightly superior to AR model.In addition, the HUP implemented in the probabilistic form can quantify the uncertainty of the actual discharge to be forecasted and provide a posterior distribution as well as interval estimation, which offer more useful information than two other deterministic updating procedures.Thus, the HUP updating procedure is more promising and recommended for real-time flood forecasting in practice.Employees may work under different job titles such as repairers, electricians, carpenters, security guards, etc.However, when these employees are operating fleet vehicles, they are considered company drivers.

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Transact-SQL stored procedures cannot be modified to be CLR stored procedures and vice versa.

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