Virtualbox updating

Posted by / 13-Oct-2017 05:59

Virtualbox updating

Do not panic though as this will only touch your virtual hard drive and will not affect Windows in any way whatsoever.The final stage is to wait for the files to finish copying and the installation to complete.Windows users looking to use Linux for the first time will find it beneficial to try it out in a virtual machine.There is plenty of great virtual machine software available on the market.When the process is complete you will be asked to reboot.

When installing on a real hard drive this step causes people anguish.Guest Additions Version: 4.2.0 Virtual Box Version: 4.3 I've googled, but I can't find a way to upgrade to Guest Additions v4.3.The latest version in the Ubuntu repository for precise is 4.1, and there's no download link on the official Virtual Box download page.Hi, I currently have an empty Virtual Box v4.2.10 r84104 installed on Windows7.Before loading the Virtual Box with Ubuntu, I would like to upgrade the Virtual Box to the latest version.

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How do I upgrade the current version of Virtual Box to the latest version?