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Who is matt kemp dating 2016

Instead, this is one gigantic salary dump on both sides.

Gonzalez, Kazmir and Mc Carthy are all entering the last years of their contracts and will make a combined .6 million in 2018.

It was easy to see this coming when the latest collective bargaining agreement was signed last December, as the luxury tax limit barely edged up year by year despite the league’s exploding revenues— billion this year alone.All of this was done in the name of parity, of keeping the big spenders from leaving the small-market teams in the dust; that was the rationale behind the luxury tax, introduced in 2002.But as the numbers and limits get updated with each new CBA, it becomes clearer and clearer that the luxury tax isn’t about creating equal footing; it’s purely about player control and team profit.Mc Carthy, who more or less lives on the disabled list, tossed just 92 2/3 innings last season—his third straight year under 100.In all honesty, the most impactful player in this deal might be Culberson, a no-hit/all-glove infielder who had an OPS of 34 (!

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It’s not just the Yankees and the Dodgers steering clear of spending this winter.